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Meiji Techno ABH/1 GEMT2 Microscope Special

$2,295.00 $1,795.00

GEMT-2 with ABH/1 Base features:

EMT-2 Binocular stereo body with 1X and 3X objectives in a turret magnification changer. Magnification range: 10X and 30X.

ABH/1 Professional GEM stand with darkfield 30W tungsten transmitted light illumination system

MA557/1 Iris diaphragm with adapter.

MA309/100 Fluorescent box illuminator with articulating arm and 110V transformer

MA502 Super widefield 10X eyepiece, FN 23mm (paired)

MA555/05 Gem clamp

Additional 20x and 60x magnification can be obtained by adding 20x eye pieces to the order.

ISG Close Out Price: $1,795.00

And remember, the 1988 model Meiji Techno I purchased from Gem Instruments....I can get parts and service for this microscope today! Direct from Meiji Techno!  See the Meiji Techno page on this website to learn more about Meiji Techno quality and Limited Lifetime Warranty.